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Divine Music For Glorious Times

Divine Music For Glorious Times

Divine Music For Glorious Times (鈞天九奏頌韶年), a music performance featuring a marriage of the Chinese Guqin and Western musical instruments, was aired on Fairchild TV and Phoenix TV (North America) on December 11, 2002, and subsequently released on YouTube. The musical pieces centered around the ancient Chinese instrument, the Guqin, and were accompanied by instruments such as cello, viola, flute, clarinet, etc.

The musical pieces created through the combination of Western instruments and the “scholars’ instrument” Guqin transcend space and time, showcasing the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and the resulting harmony.

The ancient pieces included in the performances include: Guangling Verse (廣陵散), The Sorrow of Parting (離騷), Mist And Clouds Over The Xiang River (瀟湘水雲), Flowing Waters (流水), Dialogue Between The Fisherman And The Woodcutter (漁樵問答) and Wild Geese Landing On The Sandbank (平沙落雁).

Contributing artists:
Guqin: Diana Tang (湯月明)
Clarinet: Gene Ramsbattom
Viola: Manti Poon
Cello: Bo Peng
Flute: Isabella Wark-Pantoja
Music director and composer: Jin Zhang (張進)